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Which Code Reader and Alt Noise

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I have an 88 GL Wagon. I have seen code readers around town and on Ebay. But, which, code reader will work with my Subaru. I have seen obII and others mentioned which one works.


Also, I am an Amateur Radio Operator and I run my 2 Meter rig through the Lighter, but I notice a whine on the radio at times. Any ideas to fix it?




Michael Carey, KD7GHZ

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I don't think a code reader is necessary, there are some connectors under the dash that you plug together. Someone else should chime in.


electrical noise: You can try putting a capacitor between the positive terminal and ground on the alternator. I couldn't begin to suggest what size you you'd need. Also, some magnetic suppression spark plug wires might help, specifically spiral-wound wires from ACCEL (advance auto-you cut them to fit), MSD, Taylor, etc.

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