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Cleaned the Focus' rims today

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Actually, I washed the whole car. But this is an ongoing process for my sister, who :mad: doesnt like how Subarus look :mad:


Anyway, before and after pics of the wheels. Im going to be spray painting the chrome black, she doesnt like the black/chrome look. Anyone had luck just spraying over chrome or should I prep it?


Before (notice the brown spots near the inside of the rim, its like rust or brake dust thats corroded the chrome.






PS Castile Soap + Steel Wool or Kerosene + Steel Wool yields excellent results!

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duh guess I should have read that. lol


hit it with 320 grit before you paint it. some spray paint (thinner) recomment 4-600 but i sanded down my outback limited wheels with 320 and 2 coats gold and 2 coats clear and they came out friggen sweet




the scratches are where clay, my roommate raped them with a chain. He took them to get tires for me, and decided while in town to go to the junk yard so he chained them into the back of his truck. they had not had the required 3-4 days to dry. oh well cant hardly tell unless you look hard

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