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Hi, folks. Say, my wife keeps her hand gun locked in the glove box a lot, so the plastic finger pull and other pieces finally fell apart. Any idea how to get into it? We took it by our favorite Suby shop, He said we'll just pull the hinge screws. Couldn't get to them. So, appreciate your input. Thanks, S.

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having pulled 02 OB glove boxes before i think the only, or best option, is to work from the outside and unlatch it where the handle used to be.


what is left? is it still *locked*? no hope at reassembling enough for one last opening?


you could *possibly* try and pop out the bottom part that it rotates on and maybe that would give you some play to work with. but they're seated awkwardly in my opinion and seemed like a very strange way to do it - i couldn't imagine trying to pry them out from the outside but they aren't bolted or rigidly fastened so it may be an option.


as a last resort i would try that, but plan on replacing the glove box door when it's all said and done. with the latches all hosed, it's probably getting replaced anyway, so just have at it and cut it out?


a used glove box isn't worth jack and easily found in great condition, so just get a good used one. (might want to get two for the future!) a locksmith should be able to rekey it for you if you need to match a certain key? i don't even recall my OBW glove box having a lock?


if you're carrying excessive weight i might suggest never using it and moving everything, but the heavy gun, to the center console or elsewhere.

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