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suby offroad version 2

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well, i went and picked her up yesterday. i bought her, an 85 gl 5 wagon. no luxeries, just a plain jane d/r 5 spd ea82. she appears to be in better shape than i thought. the only real prob area is behind the rear wheels. it has rusted out.

i think ill patch it up with some stainless steel sheets and then bondo over it. other than that its perfect.

the timing belt broke on it so hopefully no engine damage has occured, and the radiator is gone. the inside of the carb looks brand new, no carbon build up anywhere.


the steering colum is gone, but i have the wheel and turn signal switch. i do need an ignition switch with a key, so if anyone has one they can spare, help me out please. i also need some of the hard ware that keeps the steering wheel shaft in place inside the tube.


over all the drive line looks ok, 1 busted cv boot, and the breaks might be frozen up(ill have to check this weekend). she has sat in the yard for 9 years, the owner said she was going to the crusher. i picked her up for $250, w/out a title.


i know with out a pic its hard to tell, but does anyone think i got a good deal. oh the car also came with all the maintenance records in the glove box. it has 85k on the odo, and appears to have been well taken care of.

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Hard to tell what kind of deal you got until you get it up and running.


Storing cars isn't the best thing you can do for them. If you can put a belt in it and get a JY steering column for cheap, you got a great deal.


What's important is you now have a platform to sculpt with.:banana:


What mods are you contemplating :confused:



82 Summer

01 Forester

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well, i was really liking your idea of using atv tires and rims. they aseem to be pretty cheap, and they come in some pretty small sizes. of course the toyota 6 lug could be an option too, but the sizes of tires you can run with an agressive tread are pretty limited.

right off the bat(assuming it still runs and i fix the steering) im going to lincoln lock the rear. i plan on doing the lift later, because i am do a new baby in july, so money restraints are tight.


i have quite a bit of 1/4" thick aluminum diamond plate to make a skid plate and some rear rocker gaurds to replace the rust holes.

sometime in the next 2 weeks, i will be making new bumpers and maybe a tire/ roof rack for it, as i also have plenty of nice stock laying around the shop. i took some pics so maybe i can post them soon:clap: .


im pretty excited, this is my savior to offroading. i havent been in over a year, and it was my only hobby. thanks for showing interest and replying, noone else seems to care when i post stuff like this. probably cause im a noob.

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