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  1. Oh, I am not sure of the cost, but it isn't cheap. You would have to Chris about that. Pictures and videos of can be found on his FB page. It is what his white forester has.
  2. Its not on his website. The white forester he drives has the suspension though, and its not garbage Hotbits. Its all made in house. 14" of travel in the rear and 12" in the front. I've personally seen him take 2' tall whoops at 45-50 mph and be completely fine. This is one of those lifts not advertised because people freak out about the cost when a ADF lift is 1/4 the price.
  3. You should check out King springs for the rear, they have a lot heavier spring rate than OEM. Also, if you haven't already, you should check out MtnRoo on facebook, and MtnRoo Overland. Lots of guys on there are doing similar things you are, and particularly a company named Subiworks in Temecula, Ca builds long travel suspensions for Subaru and Rally cars.
  4. What are the differences between 82 and 83?
  5. I got the new bars installed. They are amazing. They easily handle the 300LBS of overland gear I carry every day, and only let the back dip about another inch with up to 500 lbs in the back. Rear diff clearance with 300 lbs in the back is at 12" . Flex wasn't hampered at all. These are a great purchase, and greatly improved the ride quality and handling of my Brat. I recommend them for anyone wanting a more firm suspension for any reason.
  6. If you want a set now give them a call, once the 2 prepare sets are gone they will be made to order. Just tell them you want the Subaru Brat torsion bars. Ask for Brian.
  7. So after a lot of work, mailing in a set of torsion bars from my Brat, paying for the initial machine work and engineering design, and a 8 week turn around, I happy to announce that you can now order new torsion bars for your EA81 chassis from Swayaway here in California. They will run $325 a set and will offer you a spring rate that's 20-25% stiffer than stock without loosing any of the rotational limits the stock ones had. Actually, Swayaway claims their bars will out perform the OEM bar in every single matrix, and they're guaranteed not to sag or break. You can check out their web site at www.swayawaycom. They make very high end products. So what does this mean: Better handling, no more having to crank the torsion bars for heavier loads, no more broken torsion bars, better articulation, and a new parts option for our aging suspension. I will be receiving my set this week and will do a comprehensive comparison to place here and on FB. Once I do that and ensure fit and finish is good, Ill update this post with the PN. He made 3 sets, 1 for me, 2 for immediate purchase, and any orders after those will be made to order.
  8. Well thanks for the help everyone. Looks like this is a total no go. Ill put new gaskets on it and save it for my sons 05 impreza OBS. Oh, checked when I got home and its a EJ251 but that doesn't make a difference. Still too high.
  9. 11.88 using your chart with 41CC heads and a piston dish of 8. If that's the case, guess Ill have to tune it.
  10. So with the 22E heads what are you coming up with? Obviously I keep punching in the wrong numbers lol Thanks for the help
  11. If I type in the bone stock numbers for a complete 253 using a +8 piston dome it says the compression is 7.49. I don't think that dome volume is right Bratman. EJ253 is 9.5-10:1 If I use all stock data for a 253 with a -12 dome its 9.25 which is way more realistic. -16 piston (which is what replacement pistons are) is 9.7:1. and that is with stock 253 heads and 0.026 quench. That's pretty realistic as well.
  12. Forged Weisco stock pistons are -16 for the Piston dish. If I plug that number in using my original data than my ratio is 10.5:1 JE pistons are also -16.5
  13. If I use all the same data as before with a 8CC piston dish the compression drops to 8.1 If I use the data you suggested in your first post with my original data than the compression is 7.49
  14. The dome volume is from another site, but even aftermarket upgraded pistons range from -16 to -23 so its all I can go off of. The quench for the Cometic gasket is 0.030. I called them. Why use 50cc combustion chamber? EJ22E single port P1 heads are only 41CC. remember this is a EJ253 (NOT 25D) with phase 1 EJ22E single port heads.