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justy burnout massive tire burn


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I love the old Justy! I wish I could find one around here...


Back in High School a buddy of mine had two of them. One was a 5 speed, the other an auto. With the 5 speed, he used to have my fat rump roast sit in the back seat, set the e-brake and roast the front tires. He'd get it to sit still and smoke tires in third gear... That little three-cylinder couldn't handle spinning in forth, but impressive none-the-least. We had so much fun with his Justy's. I used to be able to grab a rear fender-well, lift the car and turn it around. (Pissed off a couple others in school that had them when they came out and found their car sideways in their parking spot..) We rolled my friends' Justy over on its' roof. Crawled out. Pushed it back on it's wheels, gave it a minute for oil to collect and drove off.. Such great little machines! I want to restore one but there are NONE to be found in Vermont anymore :/

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