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i have a 95 lego 4eat ej22


i need the extension housing gasket as its leaking VERY badly....like a quart every other day..... is this the right one? anyone know where i could order one online? i dont have enough time to go to the dealership to order as i get out of work the same time they close....and they are not open weekends which i have off..... makes this very difficult.




the second from the bottom....paper.

and would the metal fit? or would there be problems with clearance or sealing?


i would rather put on metal if i could but if paper is the only thing that will work than so be it.


any help appreciated!




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yea that was it i believe..... im a delivery driver and happened to drive by bertera subaru.....i stopped in and ordered it n had it shipped to my home :)




thanks :)

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