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EJ2EA Adapter bolt layout measurments

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Here's the specs me and my father measured and machined my adapter plate to. All numbers are in inches, as that's what our Bridgeport uses.



I've got a bigger version of the picture, 6mb, but nowhere to host it.


I've also got an Excel file of all the measurements, but here's the summary of the final hole coordinates as shown in the pic:

Item X coordinate Y coordinate Size


T-2 Dowel -0.979 6.300 0.315 (8mm)

T-3 Bolt 1.449 9.737

T-4 Bolt 9.044 9.742

T-6 Dowel 11.461 2.359 0.315 (8mm)


E-2 Dowel -1.727 5.078 0.394 (10mm)

E-3 Bolt 1.057 9.960

E-4 Bolt 9.422 9.966

E-5 Dowel 12.209 3.580 0.394 (10mm)


E1/T1 Stud 0 0 0.394 (10mm)

E6/T7 Stud 10.472 0 0.394 (10mm)



5.241 4.329


I leave the bolt hole sizes up to you as there's a couple ways you can go depending on the material you make the plate out of. You can make them the right size to tap and thread bolts into of whatever diameter you chose, or connect the two holes and use a siamesed stud pair like I did.


The plate outline itself is easy to make once you have the holes drilled. Just slap the plate on the engine and trace around it and slap it on the transmission after spraying wet paint on the trans so it transfers an outline. Then sawzall or torch it out to match.


Plate is 1/2" thick or 12mm depending on who you ask. I did 1/2".

Flywheel bolt pattern needs to be redone, you can bring both to a machine shop and have them match the pattern or DIY with a file or grinder. The EA pattern is weird because they wanted the flywheel to only bolt up one way so the timing marks would be in the right place.

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