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Mitsubishi question for Subi Folks

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I have a quick question about a 1981 g32B 1.6 engine. Do these engines, "in general" have decent piston ring life? I have a few of these engines. I know that it depends on a lot, (care/oil, etc.) but for example Subaru engines, have very robust cylinder walls and rings. Do these Mitsu engines stay pretty tight on the lower end over 100K? They seem to smoke at fairly low mileage, but I think it's top end issues that cause Mitsu issues. Would a rebuilt cylinder head be too much for a 100k engine in reasonable condition?


What would be a good compression test number for an engine with 100K?




Just curious...Thanks!



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only experience i can offer is this my grandmother has a 2000 eclipse that she has had since new it has about 250k on it and its only had general maintenance these are relarivly hard miles to because between 2003 and 2007 she lived in reno and was constantly making the i 80 run back to cali at 80 mph (shes got a lead foot) she has replaced oil pans and such but has not done a rebuild mitsubishi makes a good product

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