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  1. im also willing to bet its not tuned
  2. this doesnt say much man lol
  3. i see what your saying but honestly there are a few vital points your missing here one first and formost i am an a.s.e. certified tech and have provided a long list of things that have been repaired since i have owned it for two the biggest draw here is the fact that mo matter how you slice it the car is mechanicly sound, running and driving car in todays world thats almost impossible to touch for under 2k third nada guide list this thing even in the worst of shape at 1800 with all the work i have invested in this thing ~2k isnt to much to ask you mention seat covers the idea is to cover the seats so they dont get any worse you mention the blue on the air cleaner it looks a shitload better then the stock blue with surface rust you say it looks like a kid owned it sorry dude im 27 years old and as i said an a.s.e. automotive tech ive stated that much in every ad i have put up that fact alone should point out that the car has been maintained then there is the long rump roast list of repairs to back that claim up again i see what your saying but im pointing out that there are things that you have chosen to ignore in your criticism
  4. wow im seriously seriously surprised i still own this i thought everyone wanted first gen stuff $2000 guys i have more then that in in in parts alone never mind my labor (a.s.e tech)
  5. sell ya mine lol looks like a cool wagon man love the fake wood grain
  6. or best offer give me haggle room and nada guide lists it at 4600 in premo condition mine isnt perfect but it inst a destroied pile either
  7. car is officially for sale im asking $3,000 obo
  8. and you didnt have to get it towed it you dont mind some wear and tear on the starter you drive it by using the starter to get goin in first then rev match to change gears pain in the rump roast but beats a towing bill
  9. accept for the fact that he stated the clutch had been done within the year i highly doubt that after one year it wore its way threw the pp i have driven on clutches with 200k and 40 years on them and that hasnt happened im more willing to bet that the clutch cable snapped thin cable with 30+ years of service is alot more likly to fail then a less then a year old clutch
  10. that is also the transmission crossmember you need to drop it to remove the transmission mount anyway
  11. try rockauto.com i found tie rods there never understood the strut insert thing when you can just buy shock oil from a motorcycle shop and change the oil in the shocks can even change the dampening by changing the oil weight assuming the seals in your strut are good probably cheaper that way to
  12. bout to say man jack car up put on jack stands drop trans thats about it
  13. bonvo

    EA71 lift

    thats just wheel choice man if your gonna lift it use chevy 6 lug rims with negative offset problem solved
  14. i ask cause im reworking the whole circuit and if its fused that makes it so i dont have to run a fuse inline