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  1. The trend today is small bore long stroke. At first I was thinking about stroking my EJ205 with a stock-stroke EJ257 crank and rods, using Mahle pistons to give me a "2.2" liter stroker engine. I hear it's really popular and cost-effective, but after finding out that it only gives slightly more than 2.1 liters, I was a little disappointed. Call me crazy, but I'm looking to hit that magic 2.2 liter figure among manufacturers
  2. Deer. I read the other day the state you're most likely to hit a deer in is W. Virginia. I live right across the river in S.E. Ohio and I hit another one with my Mercury. Hood and grille, headlight support, radiator support, took out the radiator fan support, fender damage and probably more. I think that's number 5.
  3. Quidam

    rear differential locker

    <p><img alt="RCU-00565-2.jpg" height="240" src="http://cdn3.volusion.com/5cfxm.hxrs6/v/vspfiles/photos/RCU-00565-2.jpg" width="320" /></p> <p> </p> <p>$150.00 from Roush Motorsports NASCAR used.</p>
  4. Quidam

    rear differential locker

    <p><p>4:44 and whatever the Ford has for a bolt pattern. Possibly 5 on 5?</p><br /> </p>
  5. Quidam

    rear differential locker

    I'm about ready to install a 31 spline 9 inch Ford with locker in my Sedan. It's out of a 79 Ranger F 150. The axels can be cut and resplined. Local Dirt Track guys can supply the rest. Doug
  6. Quidam

    rear differential locker

    I read this whole thread and I'm thinking Detroit Locker lol. Inside joke. Hal Quick Change... A thousand bucks for that? get real
  7. That Justy is awesome, makes me want to lift mine.
  8. Quidam

    Why are EA81 valves so loose?

    Adjusting this clearance is a science and an art. I've been fooled more times than I can count. It takes experience and paying close attention to everything. Set them tighter you'll be ok. Thermal expansion is the wild card to figure in and concentrate on...
  9. I can't think of how this could work because of the access holes for the spirolocs and wrist pins...they would pop out?
  10. Quidam

    For Next Year, Demo Derby "Miami" 1987 FWD GL

    I have 11 Subaru...I think. Only junked the title on one rust bucket so I could transfer the plates. I have titles for them all.
  11. Quidam

    For Next Year, Demo Derby "Miami" 1987 FWD GL

    I did some wrenching on it. I may have to use another body as this one is still nice.
  12. Quidam

    For Next Year, Demo Derby "Miami" 1987 FWD GL

    Hey Guys, I'll get back to you all, try to get some pics tomorrow...drag it out of the weeds. I spoke to my local tire shop this morning, HUDDLE TIRE is going to be advertised on the roof. He does all my tire work. Muffler Man I'm going to see, as he will be doing the exhaust, his name on the roof too. I'm going to pick Willison Motorsports brain about ride height, tires...I've been thinking of driver technique and I think I may have discovered a huge benefit to using the DR 5 speed. John at Willison was paralyzed from the neck down in a tree cutting, firewood accident. He is slowly recovering doing physical therapy and such. Doc says he is responding. He stood up a couple weeks ago for 5 minutes. Doug
  13. Quidam

    For Next Year, Demo Derby "Miami" 1987 FWD GL

    Reading the 13 inch tire thread here got me thinking. The space saver tire and wheel is not up to the task Uberoo. What I'm thinking right now, which should evolve, is a tough sidewall, 13 inch, knarley tread tires on the front. That keeps a lower center of gravity...Rally car tire? Tractor tire? Is a welded front diff doable? Welded diff and tractor tires. What do you thinik? Doug
  14. Quidam

    For Next Year, Demo Derby "Miami" 1987 FWD GL

    Yes, 2 wd class is what I'll be doing. What do you think, diff lock 5 speed or DR 5 speed. Just realized I can weld the diff, is that right? Rules allow manual trans, need to find a clutch shop to beef up a BeckArnley new clutch pressure plate. Could buy a custom disc as well. I want Delta Cams in the motor, will add it to the roof as a sponsor. Lets work it out, K? Doug
  15. Quidam

    EA-82TT Engine Management Swap

    "On my last build I used EA82 head studs on the EA81." That should read, EA 82 head bolts, correct? I need studs because if you overtorque head bolts you WILL distort the bore and that's to be avoided at the power level I'm going for. One motor I'll have to preheat the engine with block heaters to even start it. Total Seal piston rings and Wiseco pistons full custom. Doug Steel inserts and larger studs than the EA 81 is definitely on the table. Except for the fact that builders may opt for, and I'll sell more of the stock thread. Fat studs is what I really want and steel inserts would be icing on the cake. Doug