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Lost in Weber Carb swap

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So I'm a complete amature but I had swapped carburetor's on other vehicles before and thought this would be a bit easier. I've pulled off the old carburetor, put the Weber on, beat down the power steering resorvoir so it can fit, got the throttle cable linkage where I think it can work, but I am lost with all the vaccuum lines. I know only one or two are necessary now but I have no idea which one or two. I've heard them referred to by name but this does not help me locate them. Also Im not sure what to do with the electric choke as there are three wires going to the harness and the Weber is a single lead. Do I combine them? Only need one of them? Or go from a different source? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also with me a pictures are worth a thousand words. Thanks.



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Welcome! ... :) ... You can find a Complete Writeup full of Pictures about the Weber carb Swap onto the EA82 engine, in the Followin' Link:


~► Here.


I Believe your subaru is EA82 by reading your description.


(For more useful info, writeups & Files, click on my Avatar.)


Kind Regards.

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