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Yanked Engine, replaced getting a P0183 and Battery Light on

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So everything was going smooth, new:


CLUTCH FORK (reason for yanking engine)

Clutch, Pressure plate etc...

New timing belt, water pump, pulleys etc...


no runs, no drips, but there are some errors... I'm seeing the battery light on, and reading a P0183 error code from Bluetooth Torque Android App... I pulled the neg terminal and engine stalled, which would be a alternator problem??? Alternator is connected, and neg ground connected to tranny housing...


Engine is running GREAT!!! I even got the valve tap down to near unnoticeable, but the battery light and error code sucks...


Any ideas?

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I did a search for the code you have and came back with this P0183 Fuel temperature sensor A circuit high input from here


as well as here


The battery light would indicate your alternator isn't charging could be a loose wire could be a stuffed alternator.


check your wiring for the alternator and the fuel sender as per the diriections in the thread.



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Ok, so both problems fixed... the P0183 was due to the fuel pump connector needing some TLC...




When was the last time you pulled an engine with a perfectly working alternator and didn't do a thing to the alternator when removing the engine and then when you put it all back together it takes a dump... :confused:


New alternator and presto fixed. At least I got 270K and 14 yrs on the first alternator...


Now on to the next 100K :headbang:

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