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new Brat exhaust for my customer

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I finished up this exhaust for my customer I'm bodyworking/painting his '85 Brat.

Same old Brat story, and with such age and rust, mostly broken exhaust studs.

I was able to finally get old EGR exhaust spacers off, get broken rusted studs out/cut off until I had 2 free holes opposite each other on each cylinder head, then four m10x1.25 thread repair inserts into the cylinder heads...

Then exhaust flanges could be mounted directly to the cylinder heads with one gasket each and NO EGR spacers... then I could weld out the custom exhaust from there.




Its quiet down low and race up top, sweet we love it.


recycled car parts:

-Eclipse turbo cat-converter (2" piping)

-some Lancia Scorpion original '77 exhaust curves oohh thats rare

-other parts store 90* bends & straight pipe off the shelf

-7" cylinder muffler from NAPA similar to stock


trusty flux-cored welder can do it all


here's what it sounded like just after the pipes were merged and still no cat:






This was good: need a solution for a secured and rubber-mounted exhaust 'hanger' that is much more tight and secure than those universal rubber exhaust hangers?

Couple spare bolts, and a rubber hand-sanding block I cut up, BAM works so good




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Looks good, I've been needing to do the exhaust on my rig and have been dreading it a little. Looking at this setup lets me know its not impossible:clap:


It looks like you routed down the tranny tunnel, could you post some pics of this please? Do you have your tranny crossmember dropped? I'm wanting to it down the tunnel also, but wouldn't mind looking at something someones already done. Thanks



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I want a mandrel bender, and to learn to TIG weld, and then I could enjoy building custom turbo exhaust manifolds for engines



I have a mitsu 13G turbo right here I WAS going to fab for use on a Brat previously.

I built a custom turbo kit with the same 13G turbo on a mitsu 1.5L engine, worked well, and I believe the size is very well suited for the average 1.5-1.8 4cyl engine.

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HA!! mandrel bender? good luck, buddy. hope you got about 25,000 sitting around gathering dust, for a USED mandrel bender that can do up to 2.5inch.

I looked into it.     just make your own bender.  if you fit all the pieces up tight and clean, and you warm up the tubing a bit, and you keep all the dies and shoes real slippery with white lithium grease,  the bends come out pretty damn smooth anyhow.   we bend tube at my school every day. a few guys, including the teacher Dave Parker, are building their own custom Choppers, from scratch. and their bends look fantastic.  we have a whole bending setup, that cost about 250 dollars to make. yes, two hundred and fifty American dollars. that INCLUDES the price of the hydraulic unit. they just bought one from Harbor Freight. and we all know how crappy harbor freight is. but the bender gets used literally every day, for at least half a dozen bends. and its worked great for over 12 quarters of school. with old pros, young punks, burnout stoners, and total clowns using it. and trust me, half those guys do NOT baby the school equipment.  they thrash on it.   I could take a picture if you want to build your own. I know there are plans online.  it takes about 160 dollars worth of steel. its mostly 2x2 receiver steel. like they make a truck tow package out of. 1/4" wall.

maybe 200 or 250lbs of steel material.    the expensive part is the dies and the "shoes".  some of those are up to 300 dollars each.

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