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  1. El Presidente

    Exhaust recirculating valve

    Naru, your making some assumptions about me, but that's ok. I know how to time an engine and my hearing is good. I'm also aware that pinging, especially higher rpm, is not always audible. I've taken apart a bunch of these engines (while working as an auto machinist and later as a hobby) without an egr and only seen a cleaner combustion chamber, with no damage from detonation or pinging. Do you know of anyone or heard of any problems from removing the egr on an ea82 from first hand experiences? I have yet to hear one. I can see how advance mechanisms incorporate or compensate for the egr, but really..how much timing differences are we really talking about? Do you know? 1°?.. 15°? -Not being a smart xss, just curious. Considering egrs are put on vehicles primarily for emissions, the link to pumping losses is valid but seems very overrated. This is considering other engines of the day (including the ea82 mpfi) and newer didn't/don't have them. Not all of course. Can you by any chance show how much of a difference in pumping losses an egr makes on an ea82? After reading what you said about ignition timing curves, it seems increasing the combustion pressure and timing on a 30 year old engine would feel like a gain in power because it's compensating for worn rings. I know you've been on the board a while, so I'm hoping you can answer these questions. Lol I'd be surprised if an egr weighs a pound, but we can round up
  2. El Presidente

    In need of 85-86 ea82t ecu pinout diagram - Please help

    I found some pieces of the 3 plug pinout at the ausubaru forum, but it looks like it's specific audm. Somebody here has to have an 85-86 fsm they'd be kind enough to share. Bump
  3. El Presidente

    Exhaust recirculating valve

    Opinions vary about this, but I've never heard a logical arguments as to why an egr system HELPs these engines. I've heard plenty of warnings, but nothing that was backed up. I certainly welcome a good explanation. I've disabled or removed several egrs from several ea82's and other makes and models over the years. I typically notice a slightly better top end and a better idle if it was faulty. Disabling it is easiest, just unplug the egr valve and plug the vacuum that goes to the solenoid. Done. You can also completely remove the system by blocking off the egr port on the intake with a custom steel plate and replacing the egr solenoid with a 35ohm 10watt resistor. Looks cleaner and functions the same as disabling it, your choice. Pros for pulling egr: -Cleaner intake and combustion chamber from less carbon from the exhaust getting into the engine. (My main reason for doing this) -Slightly better top end power (butt dyno) -Looks better Cons: -slightly higher combustion temps, never heard of, or had any problems from this. -May not pass emissions in your state/area. In Washington all you need is a half functioning cat and no CEL to pass in the areas or cities that require it.
  4. El Presidente

    Stainless Steel Brake Lines 88GL

    I had a set made up at my local industrial supply store. Any place that deals with hydraulics will likely have the parts to put a set together. I paid $20 per hose which are stainless and custom length. I could have gotten then cheaper (about $10 a hose) at another place down at road, but I went to the first place I found. Outfits like this can also make custom power steering lines too.
  5. Title says it all, I can find a ton of info on the later (87.5+) 4 plug ea82t ecus's but nothing for the earlier 3 plug ea82t ecu. I'm also looking for a pinout of the engine harness connectors as well. Some fsm scans would be great, but I'll take what I can get. The engine, wire harness and ecu in question is from an 86 2wd XT with an ea82t. TIA Josh
  6. El Presidente

    dual range transmission

    It'll bolt right up. I think you use the ea82 flywheel and starter, but someone else should confirm that.
  7. El Presidente

    ea82 cam tower oil seal question.

    If its idling at 40* BTDC, than restab the distributor 1 or 2 teeth and make it idle at 20*. The plug test will come back bad because your timing is so far off. Josh
  8. Craigslist is a good place to look if no one here has one for sale and they can also be found in junkyards for cheap too. You can find them on toyota and datsun pickups, BMW 2000's and also VW's, although they never came stock an any of them IIRC. I've owned a few DF and DG series Webers, and I'd stay away from the DF series found stock on early 70's Pintos, and I believe the Chevettes and Colts got them too. They have a diamond top instead of the square one. Most have "Holley" printed somewhere on them and they weren't made to the same standards as the Italian Webers (DG series). Loyale 2.7 Turbo has a great write-up and even lists a trans-adapt carb adapter that I also recommend. It is built much better than the Redline one and is a lot cheaper to, at $40-45. Jezek's thread will answer just abut everything you can think of. Josh
  9. El Presidente

    87 gl wagon wire harness

    Yes, some plugs go to nothing on most cars and others can be plugged in to do things like check codes or set timing. Josh
  10. El Presidente

    ea82 cam tower oil seal question.

    Be very careful using granite, the stuff you get for counter tops is not flat or even machined to any standard specification. If you were to put a machinists rule on it, you'd see lots of highs and lows. Machinists slabs are granite and would be perfect for this, but are far too expensive. Glass is poured so it naturally flattens out amazingly well and is cheap. I use a piece of 3/8" end table glass I got on Craigslist for $8 OP, Every time I have a no start after doing heads its %90 chance its valve timing. I never take the distributor out of the cam tower because there's no need, but since you did, I'd recheck that too. Josh
  11. El Presidente

    High school shop build

    Thanks!, it's maybe %35-40 done. Maybe you can get some ideas from the skid pan and the sliders? I do daily drive it off and on, and I am planning on making two collapsible (like a stow and go) seats for the rear, but I hear ya it a little wild. I can't image how blown my mind would've been when I was a kid if my grandpa picked me up in this machine lol
  12. El Presidente

    High school shop build

    Here's some ideas for your Advance Fabrication Class... http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/130989-cut-the-rear-off-my-wagon-this-last-weekend/ Josh
  13. El Presidente

    6 lug redrill wheel/tire combos

    The nice thing about 6 lugs is you have so many options, I know I've seen pictures of an ea82 with 17's and it looked pretty good. I suppose you could go all the way to a 20" but your sidewall will only be a couple inches. I was going to run 245/40/17's on an EA82 sedan project and from what I measured out, they would have worked fine. The wheels were 17" 6 lug aftermarket chrome yukon wheels and yes, they were going to stick out a ways. I never got the wheels on the car because other projects had priority and I needed cash. Josh
  14. El Presidente

    NWWO Wheelin run 12/13/15 Walker Valley

    Here's a video that Brian Dudas put together with footage from the last trip: There's also a good write up of how the day went under the video description. Josh
  15. El Presidente

    Back with a New Ride!

    Nice build!