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  1. I fully understand, this isnt my first try. Im after the best stuff i can get because this is the best car you can get. She's worth it
  2. My bad, stage 2 (dual headlights). Ive seen the glass ones and i don't like tje fitment. This car is getting all the goodies.
  3. All in the title i guess. I need perfect or near perfect fenders for my gfs GF
  4. Convex side out. If you have to, put it on a flat surface to double check
  5. Subruise

    Rough idle then stalls

    Sounds like it's got an auto. I'd start there, those cause problems when they fail
  6. without going outside, does that work on ea series engines?
  7. Next time you have the engine out and wanna tighten the crankshaft bolt, thread a 12'm bolt into the flywheel/flex plate. Use a box end wrench and the bellhousing stud to get those flywheel or flex plate bolts tight,or the aforementioned crankshaft bolt
  8. Subruise

    My new turd, Lifted 90 Turbo 4WD

    old Subarus come with some positive camber from factory. Engine xmember spacers will help a little too
  9. Subruise

    Retain Push Button D/R Swap

    Long and short is it doesn't work.
  10. Subruise

    Retain Push Button D/R Swap

    Long and short is it doesn't work.
  11. Subruise

    85-86 GL10 Turbo

    check the coolant temp sensor in the radiator for scaling...clean or replace it
  12. Subruise

    92 Loyale timing belt covers

    take em off with a hammer and a prybar
  13. Subruise

    Nick's 94 Loyale build

    next time try to clear the jumps instead of tag on all of em =D
  14. spinning fronts, ive owned 15+ L series......yes im still asking a question about it. Jeszek, thank you as always for the informative nature of your correspondence. I may tear into them, or just replace them, the cars owner just got a job at a local subaru dealership, so he'll get em cheap. I actually have a few employees from said dealership who bring me their old soobs now lol.
  15. not working for beans, i can spin rotors by hand with parking brake engaged pads and rotors are in good condition, not worn