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  1. I was going to suggest just weld in a new nut on the back side. But if it works it works!!!
  2. 13 Sun, Gotta make a little bit of room in my garage for my neglected G35, I lowered the car down on all 4's for a Test drive. The track width and wheel size is crazy compared to the front. Cant test the 4wd in this orientation but I can still drive it. Great news! Drives just fine so far, had it up to about 40 mph no weird sounds wobbles or anything abnormal. Of course I wasn't driving it like a grandma and started tossing it around as much as I could to see if I could feel irregularities or weak points. Seems fine so far and the brakes work amazing. I will be doing something a little different for the front end swap of course he width will match.. stay tuned! P.s the last image shows exactly where the rear wheel sits because of the pump in width.
  3. Thanks brother! Not sure what you mean on the axle? Are you wondering if there was an off the shelf axle I would prefer instead?
  4. Saturday the 12th Nabbed a clean set of calipers and rotors from the wrecker here. Pads are totally worn down to nothing. Seems the women who owned the car before didn’t care much about it. Trashed it and drove it until she could get something else. Sad... her loss my gain. Anyway.... got them bolted up. And bled. The 3rd gens have the best brake hose setups imo. I was going to go with a 2nd gen caliper and Hose but realized the length would cause problems with how the L’s lines are plumbed. I needed a short line and these work great only had to make a few Bends with the metal lines and eventually I will weld on the hose holder brackets and I’ll have a perfect setup...for me anyway .... Crazy. The back brakes are larger than the fronts at this point lol First Drive coming soon!
  5. Hey brother! I'm pretty sure I nabbed it off a Volvo 850. Just had to think of 80"s cars that were square and had similar dimensions and its pretty darn close. Its missing the tow hook cover (ill find or get one eventually) and the fog holes are not very symmetrical but I'm planning on locating some nice 80's style lighting (cibie/marchal) with some cool retro covers, I think it will look pretty BA once its all said and done. The lip being plastic is a downside but I also grabbed a older Chevy S10 lip (looked terrible on the car) that I can cut up and use for sides etc. I figure with the right epoxy and enough time I can make a decent product that looks good from at least 5 feet away lol. I'm currently located in the PNW, I was planning on doing another set of these arms for anyone interested in the future I just have to wait until a loyale or which ever shows up in the yard. The hard part of test fitting and fabbing is done so its really just cutting and welding on the next ones.
  6. This is a good visual if you were kinda lost. This was pre-rewelding and smoothing x2. I wanted them to look as good as possible and be structurally sound. Top plate on arm shown (left) is shorter than the bottom plate on opposite side of similar design.
  7. I was actually. I Usually over do things because I always worry. But the 1/4 plate is welded on to the arm on the top, bottom, front and back. I also made 1/8" plates for the top and bottom of the 1/4" plate that are welded to that and run up the top and bottom of the arm up until the strut mount area. And finally I capped the inside of the arm with 1/16th" sheet metal. All welded together smoothed and welded again and smoothed. Not to mention the 4 bolts holding the hub bearing to the arm go through the actual arm itself. These arms are not very beefy in the first place imo. The welding looks like its done or was done by hand, its way to sloppy for a machine. So honestly I doubt structural integrity has been compromised, I would be more concerned with the increase in in-sprung weight I've added in metal
  8. jdmleggy97

    Brat 5 Lug Conversion

    Yeah what he said lol! Don't do what I'm doing. Total Pita
  9. *side note* Ive also got some pretty intresting front lip ideas. Rx/RS lips are hard to come by from the looks. I think this will work juuusssttt fine with a little fab work.
  10. Correct Sir! The track width is a little wider.. as I had no choice with the factory axle lengths but nothing crazy here’s a few pics of the suspension loaded and with the RS wheel attached.
  11. A few days have past... I finished up the welding and grinding and smoothing on the left side arm and cleaned up the right side even more. So on to the test drive! I have to grab some calipers and rotors from the wrecking yard before it’s ready to roll. Stay tuned!
  12. Oooo I had a feeling that’s where you were going. The 4th and 3rd gen outer spline count are the same. But axle outers are still different. They may work (as your using them). But I wouldn’t trust it(but that’s me). Even then abs ring isn’t the same lol. The R180’s and axles are nice. As the 160’s do break with abuse, off-roading/high power but if your throwing that much money at a L series. Why not either hunt down 6sp spec b rear axles or call up DSS and have some made or something. Personally I’ve never broken a r160 or a rear axle even at the track I have snapped front ones though and grenaded numerous transmissions When I was doing the 6sp swap in my 4th gen someone in the forums was selling adapter hubs to run r180 Sti axles in 4th gen Hubs I think but I never got into it because I have a 160 on my setup. The car isn’t making big numbers , it is tuned but there’s almost no way I’m breaking a stock 160 and axles and with my setup. It would be more cool guy points but eh.
  13. These are hub assemblies from a 03 legacy, (3rd gen) the 4th gen axles are different( outers only) even though the wheel bearing design is almost the same.. well mounting points anyways. But the stock inner stub axles from the 3rd and 4th gen will mate up to damn near any “normal” ej style diff vlsd, open, suretrac etc. I have a 03 legacy GT vlsd in my 95 impreza right now on stock 95 axles lol. Diff options at this point are almost limitless. There was more than enough area to make sure the plate I’m welding on is flat. It’s honestly very straight forward. Just tedious.