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  1. Picked up and installed 87 XT seats in my 91 RS.. the stock seats had to go and I'm trying to get to as close to an XT6 as I can, just trying to re live my high school days lol.
  2. Still into my resto mod “if you can call it that” build on my 91 RS Loyale. I’ve always been a fan of improved lighting technology. Not only for a cleaner more presentable look. But safety as well. My goal is to update what I can in a tasteful manner. Ive swapped over to the shorty front bumper and started with having custom led front turn signals made by a buddy of mine! This is just the beginning
  3. As of: 3 Feb 19 Car Is fully on suspension, some aesthetic changes have been made. A few final tweaks here and there and locating the right car for the ej swap and paint and I will be all set. I will post future innovations as they are created as well as driving experience. Whos got some RX side skirts!!??
  4. No joke I was thinking about that last night. Granted it wouldn’t be that much movement due to the setup but I realized it couldn’t be hard mounted. I came up with a solution that would allow some play and give using a glad hand seal as a bushing. Ill keep you all posted on how it works out
  5. The collar is so the bolt sits correctly in the lower strut mount. The newer Gen stuff uses like a 14mm bolt for the lower strut bolt and the L series is a 12MM, so Instead of making a bushing to close the clearance gap in between the collars the coilovers came with and my bolt, I just remade them to suit. The lower still retains the rubber bushing. For the rear top hat/ mount, I could not retain the factory bushing setup and it had to be stripped off. The mounting plate is sitting directly on the coilovers top hat rubber mount. Honestly it fits pretty damn good. Will be checking into solutions if NVH is present when the cars back on its wheels.
  6. Rear coilovers are good to go... made new bolt collars on the lathe... Fits like a glove!
  7. yeah I think I'm going to make new top hats with correct orientation. even if I was to weld and re-drill holes I could not rotate the top hat in the correct orientation with out further modification aka. opening a can of worms, I did look into it though but there's just not a whole lot of room for play in that tower in stock form. But for anyone trying to use Stock Stuts/ lifted or solid top hat coilovers your good to go!!
  8. 1/29/19: Working With Angles Plotting ball joint angles with the EJ extended portion of the control arm. This is just an early proof of concept and not the final product, I'm a few steps ahead of this point already but as it stands ive added 1" in control arm length. Angle was tested with the suspension loaded as shown, personally I don't think I will run the car this low maybe an inch or two higher but you get the idea! future plans are build new control arms from tube and replace the bushing portion with a hiem joint as well as split the transverse link, thread both ends and add an adjustment sleeve.
  9. Completely understandable, but have to proof the product first before you go all in. Just how I run things. Upgrades to better quality products can always be done! Geometry modeling would be awesome, I'd love to do that. But considering budget constraints the number of vehicles I have on hand which are far superior imo, I'm just not going that deep. Gotta pave the way and start somewhere my friend! Think of how far suspension modding has come with the s13/14 chassis with just back woods country techniques. I was hoping you would have liked the 3rd gen legacy top hat discovery considering everyone else redrills and welds lol
  10. So here’s the plan for the front... I snagged some front control arm ends off an impreza and the plan is to plot the cuts so I only have to weld once with the track width extension. I will be gusseting ofcourse for extra strength. Also with this I have no worries of the ball joint angle being wrong on the EA arms if I was to bore them out etc.
  11. Delivery today! Super super cheap coilover suspension finally showed up! And when I mean cheap I mean cheap! I snagged the whole set for $180 shipped to my door! Honestly I won’t drive this car enough to be afraid of it failing if it even does, I’ve got more than enough to choose from so going cheap for this one scares me no bit! Besides that I went a different route than “Suberdave” he used 4th Gen legacy suspension and re drilled and welded the top hats. I chose the 3rd gen legacy suspension as the top hats are almost identically sized to older gen strut setups. Granted I have to open the holes a little and the camber adjustment I’m never goin to use is pointing the wrong way.... but hey. No welding lol. The rear suspension is the same as the 4th Gen legacy so mods will be similar to his to make them work!
  12. Not so much fabrication...persay, but adjustability. Granted there isn’t much adjustability with this rear end design from the get go. But she’s dialed in good trust me. I’ve been through the ins and outs of this before with the lifted impreza. Every lift component short of a few arms was made by me. Ain’t no biggie.
  13. Thanks for the info on the tie rods. I knew the ea82 ones wouldn’t work. But I’ll have a look into the ea81 tie rods and see if they are a better suit. The ej ones compared arnt that much longer. And considering I’m going to extend the control arms out a little with that much thread left on the inner tie rod, I think it will be ok. One way to find out!
  14. Honestly that’s not a bad idea. Definatley giving me ideas!!! My initial plan was to cut the ball joint end off the EA arms and weld on a ej ball joint/ end of arm on. (Cut at red line) The idea was to plot my cuts so I could add 3/4” of an inch or so to account for the longer axle lengths and to match the rear, since the arms have to be extended anyway why add a piece and have to weld twice vs. just adding the EJ end and welding once to join them. But this is just ideas.. Suspension should be delivered this week!