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  1. I have to say that today was a really good time, there were friends from long ago and some new ones that showed up. I have to say that the old school Subaru community is a damn fine one to be a part of, If you have ever just hung out on the sidelines of going to a meet and let it pass by, dont do it again! youre missing out on a good time to learn and just have some really good honest decent knowledgeble people in your life that have the same intrest as you! Im glad that we did this and it brings out the best in our little world of old subarus. Ken Eric Tex Skyler LJ Nathaniel Reid Ted Josh Corky Reids dad Bob mozabog (cant remember your first name sorry) Texs Brother It was a very good time today thanks for all of you for making a really good Saturday Way better! This is what its all about! Also To Rob Get better fast!!!!! Thank you all for coming out again! Jeff
  2. Ill get some, bring your rain coats!!!! Jeff
  3. bump just as a reminder 1200pm april 23rd at dicks burgers in edmonds....... Jeff
  4. Ya what day would work good for everyone? Saturday?23rd of april? Jeff
  5. This was the one back in the day! Jeff
  6. one eye

    lifted subaru guys on Camano island

    Cool Im around on weekends mostly I live right near the east Conway 76 now so we arnt too far away.... Jeff
  7. I remember quite a few years ago, 2007 or so, we had an RX meet down in seattle. there weren't a a lot of people that show up but it was fun to meet up with a few of the USMB folks. I was thinking it would be pretty cool to do that again but just have it be an old school Subaru meet. I miss the days of hanging out with some of the die hard folks in the Subaru community. I was thinking the Dicks burgers in Edmonds off 220th could be a good place to just meet up and shoot the breeze. let me know if anyone is interested..... Jeff
  8. one eye

    lifted subaru guys on Camano island

    Right on I still have your hammer too !!!! lol Jeff
  9. one eye

    lifted subaru guys on Camano island

    right on Was yours the yellow one that we lifted a couple years ago? Jeff
  10. one eye

    lifted subaru guys on Camano island

    Im in Conway! Josh and his crew are in byant! Jeff
  11. Does anyone have a bunch of pics from WCSS3? that was my first one I went to. And I think our little group was hated for a while........... lol4
  12. Metting at Coastal Farm and ranch at 1000am leaving there by 1030 to wheel up at Walker for the day! Jeff