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Carb choices on an EA-81

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hey guys! I am building a new daily and long distance driver. It's an 84 EA -81 wagon and i need to decide what kind of carb the run on it, as the original one has crapped out.


Should i use another Hitachi carb, a weber, or a weber on an EA-82 intake manifold? I have all of these on a shelf, i am just trying to come up with the best option for a daily car with an otherwise worn out ea-81 and 4 speed d/r and slightly bigger than stock tires.


I've got a good craptachi, a weber, a spare ea-82 manifold and weber adapter, but not an ea-81 adapter.


I hope i am not beating a dead horse, i cannot find much info in the search function.


Thank you!



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I would run the EA82 intake with the Weber.


You already have it, so why not use it.


Bought my Weber originally for an EA82. That setup has been on 2 different EA82's and 3 different EA81's now.

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