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97 Subaru Impreza OBS- Compatible 87 Wagon Parts?

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Found a 97 OBS Impreza on Craigslist in a town I'll be passing through this weekend. I did some searching to see if there is anything I could grab off of it for future mods on my wagon, wasn't able to find much.


Other than the engine, ecu and wiring harness of course, is there anything else I should be looking into?


Thanks folks.


Also, if anyone wants anything off of this, I can get price quotes + shipping.

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the PCV valve and clutch clips are about the only two parts...and maybe some light bulbs, on the entire vehicle directly interchangeable with your wagon. those are best replaced new though obviously.


anything else will require custom work and fabrication in which case it's based on how much time and skill you want to put towards it.


stereo, front seats, transmission, rear diff


front struts, brakes, hubs, rotor, wheel assembly would work for 5 lug swap parts.

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Thanks for the info. I currently a driveway mechanic with no real means to fabricate or heavily modify things.


I may look into swapping the seats though, mine are shot. I'll do some searching as well as asking now, how tricky is it to make those fit?

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