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The other week, when it got really cold, I found out I forgot to verify my coolant/water mixture. The car froze up a bit. So I dumped the coolant, and replaced it with a better mixture.


Since then though, I've had a leak right by the water pump. Presenting itself as a drip. I figured there was a good chance that the gasket area around the pump was shot, so I just pulled it all apart and resealed it. As soon as I got coolant back into the engine, it started dripping again, before I even turned the vehicle on. I can see now, since everything was dry, that it is not coming from the gasket surface of the water pump, but is dripping from the bottom most part of the pump. This is a 1991 JDM EJ20G turbo engine.


Is the water pump bad, or is there something else to verify? It has less than 100k miles on the engine, but it is also the original water pump(as far as I know) from 91.



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Ouch. How bad did it freeze up? Is there a glaze on the timing belt from trying to drive a frozen water pump?


What mixture did you use? Once I used maybe 60:40 or even higher and I had a small leak at the water pump. When it cooled down diluting the coolant down closer to 50:50 made the leak go away (I know, makes no sense) or perhaps the sealing surfaces just mated better after the cooldown. Temperature cycle the engine a few times and see if the leak seals up.


Hopefully it wasn't this bad.



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