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Hello from new member in WY. A few interchange questions if you don't mind.

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Hello all in USMB world,
Happy to be a new member, Thanks.
I've had many different models of Subaru over the years, none modified, but its been a while. My newest to me is an '89 GL 3dr D/R 5 Spd that I bought last Saturday.




Even before buying it, but not before checking out some of ya'll's too cool modified Subaru', it was earmarked for a small lift and not so small tires.


The Info here is inspiring! So far, I think a 2" strut lift, 6 lug conversion, 2.2 swap, I want it to go anywhere my Suburban will go and beyond while still being a good daily driver.  I love reading about and seeing what others have done. Amazing!


There is probably a thread I haven't found on it yet but I found this Impreza and it's soon to be crushed.




I'm wondering if the Struts out of this 97 Impreza would be a good change or not for my GL and if maybe the seats or anything else would be good to grab. 


Hate to see good parts get crushed.


I am very interested in hearing ideas from other more experienced modifiers. 


Many of you have already been very helpful. 





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