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2000 Legacy Spring Compatibility

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Hi All, I didn't get to do a lot of research before posting, forgive me. Scrambling to fix another problem.


Just found a busted spring on my friends 2000 Legacy L - wohoo. I called a few junkyards and it looks like this year/model doesn't really interchange with later years. I thought that most of the BE/BH springs are compatible from various suspension threads.


If I use the current top hats/struts, is there a reason why any 00-04 L/GT spring (left or right) won't fit properly?


Thanks a ton!


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typically you can find out what will fit by searching www.car-part.com. put in your zip and sort by distance. your search for a 00 legacy spring will return all that match / fit.


i'm pretty sure the legacy has a didfferent part number than the outback , the forester, or the baja.


for more info, you can search for your part at http://opposedforces.com/parts. this will give you part numbers, click on it and then on the usage info . you will see a list of the cars the uase that part.


i have a complete set of struts and springs off a 00 legacy wagon, with 85k miles if you are interested. i swapped in outback struts.


what broke, front or rear, left or right?

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Yea, looked through car-part, it seems to only want to list 2000 as compatible. Different part numbers on opposed forces in 2001 as well. Friend of mine at a dealer printed me out the part list - looks like 1999-2000 (Or 2001) will 'officially' interchange. Need to read it closer.


Front Passenger, bottom part of the coil.


I'm interested, send me a PM. I'll be back online late this eve, or in the morning.

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