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4th gen (OB/XT) parts compatabilty/upgrades for a 3rd Gen (BH/L)?

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I just went to a local small junk yard and they have a rolled/wrecked
'07 Outback XT (Turbo/4eat sport shift) they are parting out. Beside the
engine and trans swap are there any other parts that are bolt on
upgrades for my '03 Legacy L?

Here is a quick list of what I could think of off the top of my head....

- Brakes front and rear (will require big wheels I assume)
- Rear sway bar, front is turbo so at least on my old suby's that makes it a no go)
- Leather shift knob and steering wheel (blown bag on the wheel)
- Seats (fronts are gone unfortunately)

Unknown possible swap ideas?

- Center Console & 6 disc player?
- Carpet?
- Dash?
- Door Cards?
- wiper arms?
- ??????

ideas or tips on what to snag off this beauty? She is smashed hard,
front end is drove into the motor and all the glass is gone. I waiting
for them to get back at me with a price for the complete car, but would like a parts list to work with if that falls through.

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