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I suspect that you'll find the same thing that I found out about my wife's Lexus Nav system override. Service techs can override the system. In our car's case they can touch the screen in a certain location at the same time that they turn the system on. It then allows them to trouble shoot and test out the unit, or input changes while the car is in motion. Unfortunately, the override lasts only as long as the ignition is on. Once its turned off, you're back to square one. I've tried it out on our Lexus and its pretty useless in any kind of driving situation, even for the passenger, and not worth the trouble.


The car makers don't want you using the nav system when driving. My wife and I simply use a portable Garmin unit. Its more intuitive, portable allowing us to move it from vehicle to vehicle, cheaper, updates are free for the life of the unit (meaning until the internal memory is all used up), and my passenger can use it while I'm driving down the road. We wouldn't buy another car with a factory Nav system for these reasons.


I think you're going to find out its doable , but not worth the trouble. Good Luck!

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