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HELP! Broke down in Flagstaff, AZ Any Sub lovers here?

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Help '84 Subaru GL clutch failure in Flagstaff -Traveling from Tacoma,WA to Houston, TX -  Have a fellow sub lover bringing parts from Pheonix but have nowhere to do the job! I have all the tools and no how but no way to lift  the motor.......2-3 hours with an engine hoist,etc. and I would be good to go. Can't rent anything on a sunday...MUST be in Texas by Mon. NIght (4/7th/2013) to start new job! If anyone can help???!!  Please reply if anyone can help with advice, direction?  Thanks!

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Too far to lend a hand, but...


You don't have to remove the engine:  I just needs to be shifted forward enough to get at the clutch. 


Also, are you sure that the clutch is truly gone, and not an issue with cable adjustment, or hill-holder/cable seized?

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