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Need new(old) wheels

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I have an 85 brat, with the original four bolt wheels. The rims are old and they have a fair bit of rust on them.  I tried wire wheeling them down but the tires still aren't fully seating on a couple of the rims. Does anybody have an old set of wheels they don't want any more, or know of anyplace that I should be looking for some new ones?


I don't care what they look like, I just need to get something working soon, and hopefully without spending a ton of money on it. 


Also, I don't think I want to change the size or drill out other rims, cause I have tires already that still have some life left in them, unless I could get some of those older, smaller tacoma rims for free or something. 


Any ideas, tips, or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.   -scotty

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