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junkyard suby problems...need help

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well since my wife has been away, i have had some serious time to work on the junk yard 85 d/r wagon i scored. i finnaly got the timing belts on and de-emissioned iit. i had some problems with the fuel pump not kicking on so i moved into the engine bay and hard wired it to a switch. i placed an inline fuel filter next to the carb. the problem is, is that she runs very rough, and keeps spirting fuel out the carb when i gas it. i know the timing is right, and although the spark plpugs and wires are old, i dont think that is problem.


i sprayed carb cleaner around the base of the carb and in the middle section and it idled up. so that makes me think the carb needs rebuilt because it is leaking vacume. no big deal right? wrong. upon further inspection it appears someone took a screw driver and not only stripped out the air fuel mixture screw, they rammed it into the carb, so it cannot be adjusted.


i need a 85 ea82 wagon carb. if anyone has one please help.


now for problem #2.

when i got the car the steering column was missing a lot of pieces. i put it back together and tightened down the wheel onto the splines. well on a test drive while turning the steering wheel just turned and the car didnt. stripped splines is all i could think of. any other thoughts?

i know the little boots on the inner tie rods are torn, but they appear t be in good shape, as are the outer tie rods. could it be the steering shaft? either way, i think i would just rather just replace the steering column.


i need a steering column, with ign. switch, and turn signal switch.



the cvs were popping real loud as well, so i took them off and regreased them. the balls had some rust pitting and what not, but they appear to be holding up now.


also how much oil pressure is it supposed to have? i think it is sitting around 15-20 psi. i replaced the oil pump out of an old turbo block i had and it helped a little. the old one had some grooves cut into it pretty bad. i am running 20w50 oil. the lifters are tapping a little but from what ive read that isnt a big deal. of course the oil pressure sensor hasnt been changed yet, so that may be the problem as well.



thanks for helping with your suggestions.

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