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What are my options?

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I originally posted this in the general discussion section. Maybe it would be better here?


Hi folks. New guy here. I hope I've got this posted in the right spot. 


I've been racing Subaru's for years and have had really good luck with them. My current car is a 1997 Impreza outback with a 2.2 and automatic tranny. Below is a link to a race I did about a month and a half ago.




Racing this past Saturday I had a softball sized rock hit the cam pulley on the passenger side. It broke off the end of the cam. I found the timing pulley and cam stub about 10 feet behind the car.   :(


I have no clue what is possible here. The rules are very loosely written for tuff truck racing. I would love to have a few extra ponies. So maybe this is my opportunity to swap in a better engine? Or should I fix my existing 2.2? It's got 263k on the clock btw. I must say though.....the 2.2 is a damn tough engine. I've been punishing them for years. Normally I would just go find a new-to-me Subaru on craigslist and start over. But I have so much time invested in this Impreza. All the excess sheet metal has been gutted. Plus I built a 6 point cage.


So what direction should I go here? The only thing I'm sure of is.....I will always race a Subaru.   :headbang:

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Find a new to you subaru donor engine if you were turning any sort of RPM when it broke. The engine is fubar-dented pistons,bent valves,bent connecting rods,cracked head...


for something like that maybe run a phase one EJ22 90-94 because while it is down 15 HP it will not kill itself if the timing belt gets knocked off.

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