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Head gasket seepage?

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It appears I have seeping oil from the cam towers where it meets the head and lower portion of my headgaskets. My head gaskets don't appear to be "blown" in that they I am not burning coolant and my coolant levels are fine, no overheating engine runs fine. It wouldn't even be much of an issue except the oil eventually puddles and either hits the passenger upper CV boot or drips directly onto the exhaist which then causes a smoke cloud to start coming from under my hood as if my engine is on fire. Makes a nasty smell.


So far I have been just cleaning the area with degreaser and topping up the oil levels.  Are there any easy fixes for this or am I looking at an immediate head gasket replacement?

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It's time to reset your camtowers. You would want to have replacement Subaru O-rings on hand for the job. On the interior of the camtower, there are 3 total oil passages that should be sealed or O-ringed in order for your engine to run quietest and get the most oil pressure to your valve lifters. The lowest one in the front is sealed with the O-ring. The other two are sealed with a light amount of the same gasket maker that you use to reseal the camtowers. If you jack the car up on the side that you are doing the work, the rocker arms will stay in place easier with just gunking up each end with bearing grease. Make sure that you do not have any soft lifters before reassembling. And as was noted by Ivan, tighten up the cylinder head bolts as they can get loose. Before you start, you might want to check your cylinder compression to make sure you should not be also doing a valve job on your cylinder heads.

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