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Swapping in a low mileage EJ22. New or Original Intake?

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Pretty staight forward question, I'm replacing a 1994 EJ22 with a 1994 EJ22.

To my knowledge, neither has any intake problems.

Should I disconnect the original intake and pull the engine with the intake still attached to the fuel lines and wiring, and just drop the fresh long block back in?

Sorry if this has been addressed before, I searched some and didn't see it.

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the swap you describe does not require an intake swap.

so pull the one and swap in the other.

no worries.


however, if your car has an auto transmission, it is WAY easier to remove the flex plate bolts if the intake manifold has been removed.


so i pull the intake,

remove the flex plate bolts,

reposition the intake with several bolts to hold it,

and then lift the engine.


the install is the reverse,

set the engine,

remove the intake,

install the flex plate bolts,

install the intake manifold.


aside from the wire connectors going to the intak manifold harness, there are 2 coolant lines under the throttle body that need to be disconnected.

these hoses are 20+ years old so be gentle.

or replace them.


good luck.

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Generally with swapping an engine, it is a good idea to leave the original intake to the original car, as it will run the same. This makes sense when replacing a long block or doing head gaskets.


But from whole engine swap from whole engine, it is less work to leave the intake on the engine.


It is easier to do the flex plate bolts with the intake off. If it were a manual i would leave the intakes alone. More so wiht installation as you do not want to drop the bolts down the hole!


Do be careful that you do not snap off any of the intake  or water pipe bolts and they tend to if you are not experienced with them. For this reason it may be best to leave the intakes intact if there is no need to remove them for HG or the like.


The flex plate bolts can be gotten to with a box end wrench, preferably the ratcheting style. If you undo some coolant hoses on the throttle body you can get in with a 3/8 ratchet and a short socket. The hoses can be a pain in the arse. they would not have to be removed if the intake was coming off.

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The incoming engine is from an auto, but the car and the bad engine are manual, so I'm swapping the flywheel and throwing a new clutch on as well.

My thoughts about pulling the intake were mostly based on disconnecting fuel lines on the car, as I'm annoyed by working with gas.

The other thought was replacing the gaskets on the crossover waterpipe that sit beneath the intake. But if that's not something to worry about on a 100k EJ22, than there is no reason for me to make a bunch of extra work for myself.


Thanks for the input.

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