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My 86 Brat with an EA81 & a Hitachi carb has decided to change in its way of starting.


When I got it at the end of December 2012, it would fire right off after I primed it once.


It the past 2 weeks it has changed to needing the accelerator depressed all the way to the floor while cranking the starter, I let off the starter and it will fire off and will stay running with a little feathering of the accelerator.


Last night I dumped a can of Sea Foam in the gas tank, didn't change much only now it idles a little more roughly.


Any ideas?, or questions?


Is it just telling me I should put a Weber on??

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It's telling you to open it up and blow it out.


Spend $30 bucks on a rebuild kit.


Take the top of the carb off, pull the drain plugs, remove the emulison tubes.  keep track of what comes out of which hole.  Remove the accelerator pump.  Keep track of the accelerator weight pin.  Keep the spring but don't worry aout the ball. You will replace it with the one out of the rebuild kit. 


Blow it all out. 


Unscrew the secondary diagphram to access the 2 tiny screws holding the airhors.  Remove them, then remove the airhorns.  Replace the orings with the new ones from the kit. 


Install new accel pump, and boot.


Install the new needle. don't worry about changing the seat they ussualy don't want to come out anyhow, just swap needles.


Reassmble with new top gasket and bowl plug seals.

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