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Switching ECM - turbo and non-turbo

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I have a 1986 Subaru Leone fitted with a MPFI EA82T. Here the other day the engine kept "dying" shortly after it was fired up After a long session of troubleshooting, I managed to narrow the problem down to the ECM. It seemed though as it didn't manage to give the proper grounding to the fuel pump. I tested this by providing the grounding from the "outside" of the ECM. With this the engine ran smoothly and was on the verge of stopping only when the grounding was removed. So the problem appears to be the ECM which I now have to replace. The spare-ECM comes from a slighly older Leone with a non-turbo MPFI EA82. Some of the partsnumbers on the on the module itself is different.(Check the pictures) But the connectors are all the same. My question then is whether or not it is a smart idea to use the spare-ECM. Any ideas?




Turbo ECM


Non-Turbo ECM
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the turbo ecu changed in late 87 if both theese are before that should interchange. I have ten ea82 85-86 gl 10 black ecus have used the mpi na one in place of turbo one as long as before 87

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You could also make the ECU ground a relay, instead of the pump itself.  Then provide a path through the relay to provide the full ground contact to the ECU.


Or I have a turbo Flapper ECU I could sell you :) 


I've run NA off turbo ECU's   But I would not run a Turbo engine off an NA ECU.

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