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Remove driveshaft to solve torque bind? 02 Legacy 4eat

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that's crazy.  at least it's done.  i'd like to know if that diff was out of oil.


the never fail and are super easy to replace, used is the way to go here. 

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Shop #3 did install a used diff, supposedly with 60K miles on it. (That mileage always seems to surface on used car parts... I think it's the lowest possible credible number or something when you're pulling a fictious mileage out of your rump.) The price was not a great bargain (they doubled the J/Y price on the used diff and charged a pretty decent chunk of labor to install it) but it saved me a 400 mile round trip drive, and it's working well now, so fine by me!


They said there were chunks of metal in the oil, so that implies there was some oil in there.... :-)




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