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I just purchased XXR wheels 17x8.25 with a 35mm offset. My subaru is a 2009 impreza 2.5i with stock height, i havent lowered it. I was wondering what size tires i should get that would fit my car best.

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My 93 Impreza originally had 13" tires. I bought the car with 16" tires and when it came time to purchase new, due to the width of the tires they were expensive. I was given Legacy wheels size 15 and they have worked well for the past three years. I hope that helps.

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Are you sure those rims will fit without rubbing the outside fender? I suppose they will if you go pretty narrow and pretty low-profile.


Stock offset is around 53mm (give or take a mm or 2). I think the 17's on impreza's (and many subaru's) are only 7" wide. That means you'll be sticking out a whole bunch.


You might tray over at Nabisco... I mean www.nasioc.com, they are much more geared to Impreza's and will probably have a FAQ on this exact question.








Looks like you might be able to roll with 225-245/40's. Maybe. Do some reading there, might need to roll the fenders.


Good luck!

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