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My 2000 legacy has a high idle it idles at 1400 rpm from the start through to the engine being warmed up doesn't appear to make any difference what the engine temperature is it does occasionally idle down but imediately returns to 1400 rpm. The engine runs smoothly and doesn't have any drivability problems. I have recently replaced the timing belt and waterpump new spark plugs and had the transmission rebuilt. I've checked and don't find any vacuum leaks at least that I can see. I checked to make sure that the throttle cable is not the problem. I've tried searching subaru sites and the message boards that have similar problems no posts stating if any of the suggestions worked any suggestion would be appreciated thank you

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Could be bad temp sensor but you would have starting problems when warm.

Could be the IAC valve. I've also heard of some trouble with the throttle bodies on certain years getting hung up because of carbon and crud between the butterfly and bore.

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