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Seatbelt won't retract back. I think I might hate auto seat belts.

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Hi, I just bought my second new to me Subaru, it's a 1991 Legacy L, and the auto part of the seatbelt that goes up and down the door is just fine. It's the part that should be rolling up, making the belt tighten, that won't retract. The part between my seat and the passenger seat. How do I fix that?


Any ideas?


Also the passenger side window only rolls down if I use the master switch on my side (Bwah ha ha) and I was hoping that might be an easy fix. Otherwise, to heck with it. Except it might lead to bigger problems. So I ought a fix it now. post-49061-0-66020400-1376551404_thumb.jpg

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is you belt twisted where it heads into the take-up reel?  The belt itself might be causing the jam.


Do all of the other windows roll down with their own switches?  If so, yes, dirty switch: replace, or clean if you are adventurous.  If not, the window lock switch may be on.

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Checked for the twisted belt, but it isn't that. The shoulder harness is fully extended, not a twist in sight. It's all just loose in my lap.


Tried the window lock, the obvious stuff first, right?, but it wasn't that. So maybe clean the switch? Okay...I can do that. I have a manual.


Do you think cleaning the belt itself might loosen dirt and grease and enable it to retract? How would I clean inside the console assembly? What about pouring soap/ammonia mix down there? Does that sound like a bad idea? It sort of does. Maybe make my car smell horrible and accomplish nothing.


What bout this: just found this on another thread somewhere...too good to be true? I'm calling. Let you know...


"Thank you for contacting Subaru of America, Inc. The seatbelt does offer a lifetime seatbelt warranty. Please contact your local Subaru dealer to have this concern evaluated. Should you have additional concerns please call me at 1-800-SUBARU3(1-800-782-2783).


Gretchen Atkinson


Subaru of America, Inc.


Customer/Dealer Services[THREAD ID:1-6RERPC]"

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Cool response from SOA.


The belt take up mechanism is really a mechanism (sorry for the tautology):  It has components to lock the belt when the car decelerates quickly... like in a crash.  It probably has debris and general crud in it.  Far better to either properly clean it or replace it.


If SOA will do it for free, and possibly get brand new belts out of the deal, this sounds like the best route.

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