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My 2013 Outback, which I purchased in July 2012, has a very early Fujitsu ten Navigation system. Apparently, the original nav systems were modified and newer versions have been installed since January 2013. My nav system has had its original SD card replaced and a firmware update performed. It still does not work properly.


The location arrow on the screen is ahead of where the car is actually located by 300 feet or more, even when GPS satellites are not blocked. Consequently, turn instructions come just as I am passing the place to turn. This makes the unit almost useless unless I am traveling at a very slow rate.


My dealer claims to be unable to duplicate the error and does not know how to CALIBRATE the location arrow. Can the position arrow be calibrated to the actual vehicle location? If so, what Subaru technical bulletin provides instructions on how to calibrate the location arrow?


My '09 Forrester with the old type nav system with a location arrow that can be calibrated easily by the user. This nav system is spot on.


Any experts out there?


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Time to take your car to another Subie dealership, while its still under warranty, as inconvenient as that may be.


Keep us posted as to how this goes!

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