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Inconsistent Creature Comforts

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Hello my fellow Scoobthusiasts.


I post today in regards to... inconsistent dashboard venting/heating/defrosting etc.

I had nearly forgotten all about this... Until the NW experienced (as some of you know) decent lighting/thunda/heavy rain.


Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. More often not. Venting that is.

When it "doesn't," there's simply no air coming through the vents. Zip, zilch, nada.

It vents when it wants to.


The rig - '87 GL Wagon ft. '93 Impreza motor.


My question -

Where do I even start to look, to diagnose this inconvenience/every-now-and-then-potential-danger. (Foggy rush-hour-drive home ain't no good)


Thanks in advance for the information regarding this... perhaps in-depth topic.




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You have a vacuum leak somewhere. Most likely in the supply hose from the engine into the cab. Look for a vacuum hose coming off the engine and passing through the firewall and into the back of the HVAC head. That's most likely your culprit. Start the car and then poke your head under the dash and list for a vacuum leak (hiss). If you don't hear it, start inspecting the line. I suppose it could also be the control head, but doubtful.

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