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Redrilling 6 Lug Wheels (pictorial)

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So I've read probably every thread on this, but haven't seen anything too detailed, so I'll give it a shot for those nervous types like myself.


I didn't want to go drilling the hubs -just in case I didn't like the result, and also because I had some good snow tires on wagon wheels, and want to be able to swap 'em out at will...


I went and found these 15" 6 lug wheels at an affordable price -these came from a 98 Nissan Frontier with the 5.5" lug spacing



You can see the hub section is fairly flat and the offset is good to keep the tires inside the fenders.

Went to the suby yard and got a front hub & knocked two of the studs out to use as a jig.

Then I bolted that carefully to the back of the wheel with the suby lugs and let the bevel center them up.

I was able to borrow a transfer punch that fit the lug hole from a local shop, and went and got a good 1/2" drill bit -just slightly bigger than the stud


Gave that punch one good whack and it was drillin' time.

I drilled the holes enough to get a good start, then removed the hub and finished up drilling thru.



The Milwaukee "wrist breaker" met its fate after about 6 holes. I don't recommend using this type of drill, I just thought (wrong) that electric power would be better than battery. Turns out the Bosch cordless finished the job with much less effort.



A quick test fit just to get an idea how things will work



Seems okay -the lugs had no problem tightening down on the front side, everything seems solid and centered -I did not bevel the holes. there's not a lot of space between the wheel back side and shock, but I am going for some smaller big tires 26"-ish maybe a 195-205/70 or 75 we'll have to do some test fitting to see what works...



I sprayed down the hub before I put on the wheel to see what kind of contact I was getting with the hub -if you see the dark spots around the outer edge of the wheel hub -that is where much of the mating surface is on this type of wheel and not so much right surrounding the lugs -that apparently is the way they are designed. On the undrilled lug holes, there's a bit of an indent -I think I'm going to hang a thin washer on those lugs just to fill that in and pick up a little more surface contact there. The center of the wheel draws down nice and tight.


That about covers it.

Pretty simple, really -about 30 minutes work (being careful) once I had all the tools together.


Tomorrow is tire day, (I hope) and I will be back with the final results.


Let me know what you think and if I've left out any detail...






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