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  1. Guess we're going to roll dice with Gates Not cheapest, but not getting any help, so whatever. Gotta get it done.
  2. Hey guys, I don't get into newer than gen 3 stuff, but when I do I come here... I'm looking for the preferred kit(with water pump) for a '95 ej22 and what type tensioner I am likely to need for this car. It's an LS wagon from Indiana. I have used Gates' kits in the past, but it seems like they are falling out of favor. What's the best I can get from Rock Auto for this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Do the controls hiss when you push the buttons?
  4. I did my swap 2 years ago, backflushed and everything, never could get very hot heat, even blocking the rad, (the motor runs so cool), ... Last week, all of a sudden, my heat is cookin'! There must have been some blockage that finally broke loose! (Also an 85 GL wagon, btw)
  5. I am still looking for this movie/documentary you were making -Did I miss something???
  6. rrgrr

    EA 82 rear fenders

    Not sure of anything, just hopeful...My car came from out West a few years back, it was pretty clean when I got it. The paint was sunburned, mostly. I did some under coating, and had it painted 2 years ago. The rust I can see is eating the round part of the outer fenders, it's where the crap collects driving in salt.
  7. rrgrr

    EA 82 rear fenders

    I don't weld, and I don't see much future in putting more steel in this particular spot.
  8. rrgrr

    EA 82 rear fenders

    That's interesting, sounds like a mess! maybe I'll give it a try...I will make a thread and start taking orders if I decide to get into it
  9. rrgrr

    EA 82 rear fenders

    My last old Subarus I drove 10 years each (except the 'vert, which was more of a rescue) and rusted before they got 250k I didn't even try to preserve them. They are using a Lot more salt now. I've done some undercoating, but I do abuse my car like it was meant to be, IMO-what's the point if you can't drive it in winter or whatever? If I thought I could seal it, wrap it, or make plastic/fiber panels, I would like to see how far my Suby can go...
  10. rrgrr

    EA 82 rear fenders

    Thanks, Dave that's good solid info! "From what I have learned with designing plastic housings, thin shapes like something that would normally be made from thin sheet metal are not printable. This was from industrial 3d print shops, and a small part was a few hundred dollars." It must be nice to live where such an idea is silly, and people cut them up and give them away regularly. I'm just trying to think of how to get a million miles out of a car I like. What would I pay...? Hard to say, but I do know many people in many fields that might help me. I'm not saying my buddy at NASA is going to be able to make Suby panels, but there might be things I haven't thought of. Even a chunk of something would fit that section if it could be molded or cut on a cnc machine or ? You could flare the fenders or whatever,...just thinking...
  11. rrgrr

    EA 82 rear fenders

    I was more thinking of getting the mill supply panel and seeing if there was anyone in the world with a printer that would give it a shot.
  12. It's rusty here in the midwest, they use a ton of salt. Here's a weird idea: I am wondering if it might be feasible for someone to create a panel -like using a 3D printer -using the patch panel as a template? Does this area carry structure? Also, if someone has done this panel replacement, I am looking for threads...
  13. this v8 swapped 85 wagon circulating on craigslist -I'd love to see a picture of the engine bay!
  14. rrgrr

    ea82 thermostat gasket

    Don't know if it's relevant, but all the newer oubacks and ej's I've seen use the o ring, but there is space for it in the housing on those.
  15. rrgrr

    86 Subaru GL

    I am looking for a stock radio, brown hi/lo console, amber clock, grab handle end caps, interior handle trim escutcheons...Especially Amber Lit items -Really need the wiper switch. I will happily pay shipping + (within reason ) http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/148940-amber-alert/