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So it's been a while since i've posted over here, but i'm trying to revive one Subaru (97 OBS) while my other (05 OBXT) is torn apart...

So the deal, The OBS has been sitting for about 9 months, went to get it running the other day, threw a battery in it, some new oil, fresh can of gas, and gave her a few cranks... turns over fine, but no ignition.

So i checked the usual stuff, getting spark (although need a new wire now.. different story...), getting air (no mouse nests in the intake), and... well there some fuel in the fuel filter lines.

So we tried feeding fuel (starter fluid) through the intake to get the thing running enough so the fuel pump could clear the lines etc...  only lit the engine bay one fire once... it would fire on starter fluid, but then stumble and die... tried this for a while, then moved onto figuring out why we weren't getting fuel...

Poped one of the fuel filter lines off and turned the car to "on".. nothing... cranked it a bit.. nothing.. so fuel pump right?

Went to the back, poped the hatch off.. and there's a nice squirrels nest on top of the fuel pump.. great... So.. .i'm guessing the electrical connector on top there is shorted or full of squirrel piss... was getting dark so didn't get a chance to clean it out very well.. anyone know what sort of voltage and which pins to hit to "hotwire" the fuel pump (yeah yeah, fuel, gas, boom, good times... ) to at least make sure it's working? I can't seem to find my FSM for the car anywhere :\

Anything else i might have missed?


And those wondering.. i pulled the engine on the OBXT, cracked ringlands on piston #4, and needed all new exhaust valves, so i'm building up the motor, new bearings, piston, turbo etc... different story, can follow that on the lgt forums.


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Pretty easy to figure out power/ ground for the pump itself with an ohmmeter.

Just see which wire has continuity to ground. (Have to unplug the connector).


The wires for the pump are the larger two of the four wires in that connector. The smaller wires are for the guage.

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