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  1. So it's been a while since i've posted over here, but i'm trying to revive one Subaru (97 OBS) while my other (05 OBXT) is torn apart... So the deal, The OBS has been sitting for about 9 months, went to get it running the other day, threw a battery in it, some new oil, fresh can of gas, and gave her a few cranks... turns over fine, but no ignition. So i checked the usual stuff, getting spark (although need a new wire now.. different story...), getting air (no mouse nests in the intake), and... well there some fuel in the fuel filter lines. So we tried feeding fuel (starter fluid) through the intake to get the thing running enough so the fuel pump could clear the lines etc... only lit the engine bay one fire once... it would fire on starter fluid, but then stumble and die... tried this for a while, then moved onto figuring out why we weren't getting fuel... Poped one of the fuel filter lines off and turned the car to "on".. nothing... cranked it a bit.. nothing.. so fuel pump right? Went to the back, poped the hatch off.. and there's a nice squirrels nest on top of the fuel pump.. great... So.. .i'm guessing the electrical connector on top there is shorted or full of squirrel piss... was getting dark so didn't get a chance to clean it out very well.. anyone know what sort of voltage and which pins to hit to "hotwire" the fuel pump (yeah yeah, fuel, gas, boom, good times... ) to at least make sure it's working? I can't seem to find my FSM for the car anywhere :\ Anything else i might have missed? And those wondering.. i pulled the engine on the OBXT, cracked ringlands on piston #4, and needed all new exhaust valves, so i'm building up the motor, new bearings, piston, turbo etc... different story, can follow that on the lgt forums.
  2. Hi Andy,

    Great info on the 4EAT center diff lock wiring mod. However, where did the pics go?

    I would like to do this mod to the 4EAT in my 89 XT6.

  3. Another kick in the balls with the turbo, is your oil... at least with the 05.. I heard rumors that the newer turbos actually use coolant for the turbo bearing, instead of oil!? If so, then ignore my rant here... In my car, if I won't let it cool out (let it idle for 30sec-1min) before turning it off, the oil gets disgusting, and burnt up. (the oil still in the bearing gets nasty). I'm running amsoil synthetic, and still have to change it ~3000mi or so. So i guess if the rumor is true (about the coolant for the bearing, not oil), if you don't let it cool out.. the coolant will just boil into steam.. and re-condence... i'm guessing...
  4. I have an 05 outback xt, and love it, sure it drinks 93 octane, sure you have to let the turbo cool a little bit after driving it, but man... when you need to get somewhere quickly, it delivers Also, i can get ~27mpg out of it on the highway... about 23-24 around town, withouth flogging it... when i really give it to her i get ~ 22mpg i also have it tuned up to stage1.
  5. I Used to take a bunch of trips from mid-NH to northern NY, many times with a thule box, 2 kayaks, and 2 bike, all on the roof! And I'll tell you, i did NOT get very good milage, 1/2 the drive was highway, 1/2 was ~55mph. Although I never ran into any transmission issue with just junk on the roof (Even 4 Canoes once ). Once i started pulling the trailer, I got a tranny cooler, I did notice the trans shifted much better with the cooler, on the hard hills with the cooler. If the trailer is doesn't weigh anything, if it's Aluminum or something, i'd say go with the trailer for milage purposes, but if it's a heavy trailer, i'd go with the roof rack. Another thing you might want to think about is that a trailer can be annoying when you're parking/driving in conjested areas, whereas when stuff's on the roof.. it's just up there. Good Luck!
  6. I think the one missing, and one broken link, without the bar gave it away :cool:
  7. Thanks Guys, I guess i'll go with tapping the holes out to 7/16" and go from there. I think I might go ahead and put the stock exhaust back on it... that or just seal (weld) the crap out of the wrx exhaust this time After this It's time to get some new swapbar links, and put the front sway back on... then the stock bumper, roof racks, and a new passenger side fender and she'll almost be back to stock. Anyone looking for a tube bumper for a 97 OBS? :cool: Oh yeah, I like the Salt/Water Locktite idea!
  8. Alright, so i've gotten back into the Impreza (97 OBS, 2.2L) again, and one (or more) of the header mounting studs has stripped in the block.. the studs are fine, but block isn't.... So plan of action... drill & tap / helicoil? Anyone have any better ideas? Maybe I should stop messing w/ the exhaust after i fix this one... Does anyone know where i can find a helicoil of the right size? it's some crazy metric size... and I don't feel like re-tooling (us-metric) the whole underside of the block...
  9. If you live in NH, you won't pass inspection w/o the fron swaybar
  10. I bet that's where my oil has been going..... silly 2.5T.... and I thought it was because I beat the snot out of it :-p
  11. Andyjo

    Lifted outback pics

    I think grossgary still has his lifted outback, check out his profile pics :cool:
  12. I think they are different lengths. I remember reading about the swap somewhere online (non-usmb), and they ran a new parking brake cable, I think the disc brake one is a little bit shorter, would that make sense?
  13. There's a module for the 05+ legacy/outback radios, but i'm not sure anyone's done it with an 00. Now, Jazzy's plug&play thing requires that you play a blank cd, and the aux just overlays. Another method (the one i chose to do) is to hack the board, i didn't override the CD player, i chose to cut out the fm radio instead. I did this by creating an audio switching circuit with a J/K flipflop (latching in the right config) to control a cell phone audio switch to swap the signals.. this required cutting traces, solding lots of surface mount things... it was a good time... Jazzy's thing i'm guessing you'd have to mess with it to get it to work: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18504
  14. I'm guessing that the 'super' gas may have just cleaned up your fuel system a little bit, yielding better performance. The past 2 tanks i put in my obxt i dumped a good amount of lucas fuel injectory cleaner in there, and i got ~25.5-26.1mpg out of the thing for the past 600 miles! (and that's not being nice to it). Could just be that the good gas has some more detergents and stuff to flush the system. who knows