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replace water pump 99 outback?

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if yo'ure tracking an overheating issue you may want to look into headgaskets before you throw parts at it and waste your time.


if you're sure it's the water pump:

Use Subaru only on the water pump gasket.  the aftermarket ones are cheap cardboard and suck.  subaru's are stamped metal, much better.

subaru thermostats are also much better too - though the new XACTA thermostats look like the robust Subaru OEM ones and are probably good.


fairly easy:

remove radiator fans and coolant overflow tank (10mm bolts and two electrical connectors), remove serpentine belts and a/c tensioner.

remove 22mm crank bolt, timing covers (10mm bolts),

align timing marks on crank sprocket and cams.

pull timing belt (all timing pulleys/tensioner are 14mm bolts)

remove and replace water pump (10 mm bolts).

install new timing belt pulleys and tensioner or reuse the old tensioner by compressing it very slowly and pinning it in place with an allen wrench or similar (take note the tensioner is installed only one way so the pin has to be pulled out "forward" - insert it accordingly)

install timing belt, don't install the lower timing belt idler (drivers side) until the timing belt is installed. too tight otherwise. 

pull the timing belt pin.

install covers, crank, fans, etc.

crank the crank pulley on really tight.


automatics - insert a stout screw driver or socket extension through access plate under throttle body at rear of engine to keep engine from rotating to facillitate crank pulley removal and installation.  make it TIGHT when installing. i use a 3 foot pipe over the handle - it's not aluminum threads like the rest of the motor and needs to be tight.  in manuals put the car in gear and ebrake or better yet stomp on the brakes.  can also use the bump-the-starter-method to remove the bolt.


if crank pulley is tight just keep wiggling it over and over - very light taps with a hammer to get it started. even a small amount of wiggling that feels like it's doing nothing will eventually come loose.


a new timing kit should be installed for long term reliability.  they're $100 - $170 via ebay, amazon - gates kits, etc.

if you must reuse the tensioner, which i don't recommend, slowly compress timing belt tensioner mechanism so as not to ruin the internal seals.

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