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93 loyale oil pump problem

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I was changing my oil the other day and when i pulled the oil filter off a large ball bearing fell out. I can see where it fits and from searching around a bit it seems the only solution to this is to replace the assembly. being at best a confident amateur i'm not exactly sure what i should replace while doing this job.


I'm thinking oil pump assembly (obviously)

timing belts 

thermostat and water pump 


anything else? any recommendations as to what should be oem? 


this price almost seems to good to be true for the oil pump. $65




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WOW!  That looks like a really good price on that pump.


Edit:  Cheapest Shipping to Seattle area is $18.  Free shipping for orders over $100.

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You will need a new oil pump.


This is the reason why you DO NOT want to turn the engine, or more specifically the oil pump backwards.



Oil pumps are positive displacement....meaning if it turns.....the oil WILL be moved.  Turn it backwards and it pumps backwards......except the oil filter has a backflow prevention in it, so there is suction created which pulls that bypass ball backward through it's pinned in home.


I think a slow backwards revolution of the engine will not do this.  Like a 1/4 turn back to line up T-belts or something is fine....but repeated and espescially fast turning over of the engine in reverse is not good.


I think it happens most (seen several now on EA82s)  when someone uses an impact or air ratchet to remove the oil pump pulley....and if the pulley is not held it will spin backwards very fast which is when this ball get's sucked in.


If resealing an oil pump, REMOVE IT FIRST......then wrap the pump inner rotor with rubber and hold it in a vise to remove the nut and pulley to get to the seal.

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