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Hello All,


I'm looking to get a code reader as my CEL came on. Not that it's a big deal but I figured it would be handy to have a code reader anyway and then I can clear the CEL. I've been reading over websites about how to choose and through this forum. The only topic from this year that I found relating to choosing a code reader was for ones that hook up to a laptop. I'd rather have a unit that stand alone so unfortunately it wasn't much help.

Off the top of my head my wants are:

-live view with recording,

-on-screen definitions of codes,

-laptop not necessary,

-ISO-9141 compatible,

-$100-ish or less with shipping.


I came across this: http://www.autel.us/Products/al519.htm


It seems decent, maybe a cheaper brand but seems to cover the bases. Any thought? Thanks!

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Thank you for the suggestions. The one ShawnW could be good but I'm trying to stay away from ones that need a smartphone or laptop as I don't have a cellphone and don't have a spot to easily put a laptop near the car. Though it look pretty good for the price. I had actually checked out the one that lmdew mentioned and it got to my final three. If I was going for a lower price point it would definetly be the one I would get. Good product and under $25. Checks and clears code and has decent reviews.

I look around some more and at the two suggestions I got on here; however, I ended up going with the AL519 from Autel. The reviews were decent and it has a few more features that may be handy while not being too costly. Though if someone is looking to just check and clear codes I'd go with lmdew's suggestion.

Thanks all.

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