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Need crankcase splitting help?

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Anyone have any good ideas on how to safly split a subaru crankcase. I've heard of tools for this. I usually use a short 2x4 and a good big hammer. Would like boards suggestions. I'd hate to break something, knowing there was a safer way to do it or a factory subaru tool. I've seen the VW case splitters and the motorcycle case splitters, but never heard of one for Subaru's. Any advise or suggestions. Thanks in advance.....Hugo/ So.CA

attached are pics of crankcase spitters I've seen....



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Hey Brat1709

Buy hook or by crook.... dead blow rubber mallet, slide hammer on a head stud (go easy), maybe build a splitter, maybe there are some tips in the FSM. I haven’t had a Subie bottom end apart (yet, RX re-ring coming soon), but I'm very well acquainted with the air-cooled VW. What ever you do DON’T pry against ANY sealing surface (like a screw driver between the case halves), its a guaranteed leak.


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