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Brake vacuum check valve pic needed...

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My daughter's 1995 Legacy 2.2L auto AWD is having the issue described in another thread, about a stiff brake pedal when extremely cold and normal operation after the car warms up a minute.  So I'm guessing the check valve in the vacuum line to the brake booster is freezing shut and needs a good shot of cleaner and / or WD40.  Problem is that she is in Colorado and I'm in West Virginia... so she's gonna have to try this fix on her own.  I'm sure he's quite capable of the fix, but I could use some pictures and specific instructions for her so she can easily find and remove the line and spray in the WD40. 


Any help would be appreciated!




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howdy Mike, it's the only vacuum line going from the intake manifold to the brake booster. 


In this pic it's the hose that begins by the arrow line to the left of "Brake"

And the word "Booster" has a gray line just under and to the left of the "B" in the word Booster - that line is touching the vacuum hose.




The check valve that gets moisture and freezes is inside that hose. Only requires pliers and blowing some WD-40 down there.  Sometimes it won't work or is intermittent and replacing the hose with valve might be a good idea to be done with it if the price is palatable.

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