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New wheels and tires on! 235/60/15 snow on re-drilled Toyotas

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My son and I got the tires and wheels on Smokey the Subaru. We bought a set of Toyota 15" steelies and re-drilled the rims. Re-drilling was made easier by using an old hub I had from replacing the front hubs last summer. I also created a template in Adobe Illustrator that I set up on the 4x140mm. I've attached it here for anyone else who wants to use it.




Re-driling went pretty well. It was smarter to use about 5 different sizes before ending on the big 1/2" bit at the end of it all. RapidTap makes it a lot easier to get the job done!







We got about a 2.5"-3" lift just from adding the wheels and tires. They're 235/60/15 snow tires we bought from a used tire place in Salem, Oregon. I had some tires to trade in from another rig and was able to get all 4 tires plus mounting and balancing for about $100 out of pocket.


We went with snow tires because it's almost snowboard season around these parts and I'd rather have the studded snow tires on for his safety over mud traction right now. They certainly clog up with mud quickly but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. 


The front tire rubs on the front side of the fender ever-so-slightly when you turn the wheel about 20%. Beyond that though we haven't noticed any real issues. We'll likely trim the fender a bit but I'm not convinced I want to spend the money on a 2" lift right now. We'll see...




Happy young man...





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nice...I'll be doinf this soon as I have a couple sets of 6 bolts wheels sitting around...

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