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fuel sending unit resistance values

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Can anyone tell me the stock resistance values for the fuel sending unit (in an 82 gl wagon). The fuel tank is gone, so I would like to fab a fuel cell and equip with a universal fuel sending unit to work with the factory fuel gage. Even if someone knows a close value i.e. 0-100 ohm?

I'll hook a resistor and a rheostat up to the gage and dial it around until I find the empty and full values if I don't hear anything back. Thanks

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Thanks for the response, however that is not what I found this morning with some inline resistors and potentiometer. 4ohms takes the needle right to the top of the printed full mark, and 69 ohms brought the needle just to the bottom of the empty marking. 0 resistance,aside from the very small amount in the conductors takes the gage needle to about 110%, 90 ohms sends the needle below the empty mark about -10%. A universal sending unit of 0-90 ohm Connected in series to a 4 ohm resistor would give me an accurate full level indication, and a conservative empty indication.

I'm sure there are some deviations in the accuracy of the gage coils from car to car, and for cars with poor charging systems. I ran my test with a 13.5 vdc supply.

Thanks again for the reply, it has been years since my last post.

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